DeKalb County Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney in DeKalb County

If you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer in the DeKalb County area, Jeffrey and Erwin, LLP is your firm! Criminal defense attorneys help you by researching your case and negotiating on your behalf. The criminal defense system is a complex system that should not be navigated alone. The criminal defense team at Jeffrey and Erwin will fight for you. We will thoroughly examine your case and defend you to get the best outcomes possible. We will assist you with looking at the proposed sentences and gathering evidence. Having a criminal defense attorney is a worthwhile investment that will help you in your criminal case.

DeKalb County’s Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Jeffrey and Erwin, LLP is your premier criminal defense law firm. If you need representation this is the firm that will help you with your case. Jeffrey and Erwin, LLP provides the best of both a larger firm with a personalized touch. We provide extensive resources and customized services where your voice is heard. You are never just another case to us. We are interested in helping you to solve your legal problems and provide trustworthy service. We are the best criminal defense attorneys in DeKalb County! Our areas of service include civil litigation and criminal defense law. Our lawyers have a combined experience of 25 years. We are accessible to our clients and strive to get the best possible outcomes for each case we service. Call us today for a free consultation! We have three offices to serve you in the DeKalb County area.

Our criminal litigation experience is what you need to have the best possible outcome regarding your case. We provide representation and advice for clients in cases of arson, assault/aggravated assault, and all felonies and misdemeanors. If you have been involved in battery/aggravated battery, burglary/home invasion, robbery, domestic battery, drug possession (delivery & manufacturing) we can help. Other areas we represent clients include DUI/drunk driving, expungements, forgery, identity theft, internet crimes, juvenile crimes, murder, sex crimes, and other violent crimes. We also will represent you in cases of property/financial crimes, post-convictions, and weapon/gun charges. Our years of experience and expertise will be sure to assist you with your pending case. Call us today for a free consultation to get started

Our areas of service include civil litigation and criminal defense law. We will advocate for you in the following areas:

  • Criminal Defense
  • Civil Rights
  • Personal Injury
  • Employment Law
  • Worker’s Compensation

DeKalb County Criminal Defense Experts

Our attorneys are knowledgeable of all aspects of the criminal defense system. We will partner with you throughout your case. The Jeffrey and Erwin team will extensively research your case. We will use our expertise to negotiate the best deal for your case. We are accessible to all our clients and will get you the best outcomes in your situation. We know how important good representation is in a criminal case. Poor representation can be detrimental to your case and give a negative outcome. An inexperienced criminal defense attorney could cause undue stress and headache. Here at Jeffrey and Erwin, we are committed to your freedom!

You need representation that is willing to fight for you. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you with your criminal defense case. We will examine all the evidence and the prosecutor’s case against you. We understand how the criminal defense system works. Working with our attorneys will give you the peace of mind and security that your case is handled well. To start the process contact us for a free consultation! We have three offices to serve you in DeKalb County and the surrounding areas.