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Employment Law/Employment Discrimination Representation

Jeffrey & Erwin Law Firm, LLP, is in the business of fighting and winning when it comes to employment law and discrimination. Our focus is defending you and your rights, and we have years of experience in winning these cases on our side.


In today’s employment world, employees often need extra defense when it comes to their rights. With years of experience in defending employees, our legal experts have gained respect and notoriety regarding employment cases. Our office offers expert representation to clients who have had to suffer or been subject to the following:

  • Sexual harassment 
  • Discrimination due to race, religion, age, pregnancy, national origin, or sex (including gender identity/sexual orientation)
  • Retaliatory or wrongful termination
  • Hostile work environment
  • Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Whistleblower retaliation
  • Workers’ Compensation 
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Many other disputes

Don’t worry if you’ve run into a problem that isn’t listed above. Our firm has years of experience that cannot be conveyed on just one page. If you are wondering what to do about your situation, give us a call, and let’s set up a time to go over your case. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and aiding you in whatever way we are able to.

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We will work tirelessly to ensure your employment law case is solved efficiently and effectively.

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Our Illinois law firm is exceptionally skilled in matters regarding employment contracts, as well. These contracts may include executive compensation contracts, severance agreements, and non-compete agreements. We work tirelessly to research and defend your case to receive the best possible compensation for your employment claim. No matter what the problem is, let us help you handle it professionally, efficiently, and aggressively. 


Jeffrey & Erwin’s commitment to protecting your rights as an employee is unparalleled. Whether you are a higher-up executive or a secretary, our firm’s experts will provide you with the best legal counsel and representation to ensure that your rights are protected and enforced. Our goal is always to defend you and receive the best outcome for you and your case. We believe in supporting Illinois employees who make up the very backbone of our city, and we are committed to you.

After successfully representing companies for over ten years, Jeffrey & Erwin’s law firm now utilizes their vast experience to represent individuals injured due to civil rights violations, catastrophic personal injury matters, and workplace injuries. They also represent individuals facing criminal charges or who have been wrongfully convicted due to constitutional violations.


Our clients appreciate an aggressive approach in handling claims, whether they are urgent or not. Our unparalleled responsiveness to their legal needs in Chicagoland employment law has created our reputation for excellent services. We are a trustworthy option when it comes to defending your rights as an employee. 


Our firm’s experience, expertise in employment law, and a strong commitment toward excellence yield the ability to make clients feel at ease as we fight for ideal results for you and your family. 


If you are looking for superior representation and counsel in all employment law matters, give our Illinois law firm a call today.

Whatever the case be, let your Chicagoland Law Firm solve it for you. Give us a call today.

Why Choose Jeffrey & Erwin, LLP?


With a combined experience of over 25 years, the attorneys at Jeffrey & Erwin, LLP have the experience and resources necessary to represent their clients in the most effective way possible.


Jeffrey & Erwin, LLP makes it a primary function of its daily practice to not only keep clients informed but to be available for any questions or concerns clients may have at any given time.


We work hard to obtain the most value for your case. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that we help our clients achieve the best possible results. Our clients are, and will always be, our first priority.


Whether it’s fearlessly standing against major corporations in the name of justice in civil matters, or boldly fighting for the freedom of our criminal defense clients, we do what it takes to protect the rights and interests of our clients…period. To have attorneys who are not afraid to challenge the opposing side, and take the case to trial if necessary, is critical to having a successful outcome.

What Makes Us Different

  • We have a wealth of experience
  • Our goal is to obtain the best possible result for our clients
  • We are an advocate for the victim

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